About Us

The Merino Store specialises in New Zealand made merino and possum merino clothing and accessories.  We are exclusive stockists of our family-owned Mihi Merino branded clothing, Mihi Baby range and Farmer Brown socks. Other New Zealand products we stock are carefully selected from the following brands: Royal Merino, Native World, Noble Wilde, Brass Monkey, Norsewear, SHEEP-ish, Four Peaks, Sweet Cheeks.

We believe that everyone should be able to enjoy merino and possum merino, so we stock stylish, practical, affordable clothing for men and women, including a range of babywear. 

Why merino?

Sustainable and renewable

Quite simply, merino is the whitest, finest, longest and strongest wool in the world.

 A highly efficient natural insulator it is prized throughout the world for just that - keeping you warm in winter and cool in warmer climates.

 Above all else however, the most unique quality of merino wool is that unlike man-made fibres, it is sustainable and renewable, increasing biodiversity and adding value to the landscape.

Why possum and merino?

Lightweight, super warm possum fur in a unique blend with quality merino wool creates a luxuriously soft fibre that is crafted into garments and accessories.


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