Mihi Merino - Superfine Merino Clothing

Why merino?

Sustainable and renewable

Quite simply, merino is the whitest, finest, longest and strongest wool in the world.

 A highly efficient natural insulator it is prized throughout the world for just that - keeping you warm in winter and cool in warmer climates.

 Above all else however, the most unique quality of merino wool is that unlike man-made fibres, it is sustainable and renewable, increasing biodiversity and adding value to the landscape.

 When you choose Mihi Merino, you can be confident that you’re wearing garments which reflect your own social and environmental values


Why Mihi Merino?

The genuine article  - Direct from our farms to you

Mihi Merino is a family-owned fine merino producer based in the Awatere Valley at the top of New Zealand’s south island. We have been farming here in the Marlborough region for over four generations.

 We also know that just as merino wool has its own unique qualities, so do we. What sets us apart from others is our authenticity. We can honestly say that when you buy our NZ-made merino clothing, you’re buying garments made from wool that’s genuinely shorn and spun into luxurious yarn from our own flocks.

We pride ourselves on keeping well-tended sheep that live a good life here on our farm and produce the best fibre.

As farmers who genuinely love our product, we are proud supporters of the Global Campaign for Wool.

In a world where synthetics have largely taken over, we believe in promoting this beautiful, natural, fibre which offers you a renewable, sustainable alternative.

Committed to supporting local industry, we manage the entire process from the paddock, to the farm gate through to the finished product to ensure the quality of each and every Mihi Merino garment.

We believe that everyone should be able to enjoy merino, so we produce stylish, practical, affordable merino clothes for men and women, including every day active wear, work clothes, clothes for adventure and clothes for special occasions. 



  We extend a warm welcome to you from all of us here at Mihi Merino.